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Teaching Portfolio

This page contains my professional teaching portfolio for each year. Each portfolio entry  includes three elements: an observation of my class by a peer, a description of a collaboration I engaged in to improve my teaching, and two additional entries, which may include student artifacts, syllabi, etc.


Courses taught in 2012: EDU 5355 - Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School (Fall 2012)

Professional Goals for 2012: My primary goal for this year was to gain familiarity with SMU as a context for teaching pre-service teachers, and to get a better understanding of the needs of pre-service teachers at SMU. I had conversations with Dr. Wasserman, Dr. Bore, Dr. Roberts, and Dr. Aceves (Math Department) when planning for my class. I adapted my course materials week-by-week as I learned more about my students.

Portfolio Entries for 2012:

1) Peer Observation: Dr. Nick Wasserman observed my EDU 5355 Class on 9/26/12. The documentation for this observation is here.

2) Collaboration for Improved Teaching: I collaborated with Anne Batenburg, Doris Baker, and Adriana Aceves to improve my teaching. The documentation describing these collaborations is here.

3) Student Artifacts from Course: My EDU 5355 course had three main projects: one where my students conducted mathematics interviews with children, one where they taught a problem-based lesson to our class, and one where they explored children’s literature as a way to teach mathematics. I provide excerpts from student submissions of each of these 3 assignments here.

4) Reflection letter from Teaching Assistant: Elizabeth Howell acted as a teaching assistant for my EDU 5355 course. She wrote a letter reflecting on her experiences as a TA for this course here.


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